Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Having had the perfect castle to me, a decade ago, after so much building, scared me. I was done. So I tore apart a third of it, and began again. This is a picture of my kitty, Keeper, crawling through the builder's foam walls.

I picked up Keep as a kitten, in the middle of a road, a pour little feral. He and I fell in love immediately, and he's been with me for 13 years. Great cat! And he's totally afraid of going outside (he still remembers the bad life out there) but he still loves, and don't most cats, the feeling of an enclosure. Safe and secure!

I'd turned to builder's foam because I saw that even outdoor plywood warped over time. That's something Colleen Moore wrote about and so her castle is made out of aluminum. Given I couldn't afford that, I went with builder's foam. I'd discovered it along a roadside, being trashed, decades ago. Hey, this is great--low weight, easily cut and decorated. And that's pretty much what I still use for mini scenes today.